Here’s a little shell script I use to convert multiple Jupyter notebooks into formatted Python scripts:

# convert Jupyter Notebooks to Python scripts
jupyter nbconvert --to script */*.ipynb

# remove "# In []" and multiple blank lines
for f in */*.py;
do sed -i -e '/^# In\[/d' $f
cat -s $f > $f.txt
mv $f.txt $f

# format scripts (+ max 79 characters per line)
black -l 79 */*.py

# move files to scripts directory
mkdir -p temp
mv */*.py scripts

This script assumes that the Jupyter notebooks are stored in a sub-directory, e.g. notebooks. The formatted Python scripts are then moved to another sub-directory, i.e. scripts. Black is used to format the scripts, while the conversion itself is performed using nbconvert.

If anyone has a better solution to this, I’d love to hear it!

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