Download the Workspace app for Linux from the Citrix download page.

Install some prerequisite packages to ensure the GUI works properly1:

sudo pacman -Syu webkit2gtk gtk2

Assuming the Workspace app archive was downloaded to ~/Downloads, extract the archive and proceed with the installation as follows2:

mkdir ~/Downloads/Citrix
mv linuxx*.tar.gz ~/Downloads/Citrix/
cd ~/Downloads/Citrix
tar xzvf linuxx*.tar.gz

Set the ICAROOT environment variable in ~/.zshrc or equivalent2:

echo '
# Citrix Workspace - ICAClient
export ICAROOT=~/ICAClient/linuxx64/' >> ~/.zshrc
source ~/.zshrc

Then, configure the certificates (this may be system-dependent)3 4:

mkdir -p $ICAROOT/keystore/cacerts/
cd $ICAROOT/keystore/cacerts/
cp /etc/ca-certificates/extracted/tls-ca-bundle.pem .
awk 'BEGIN {c=0;} /BEGIN CERT/{c++} { print > "cert." c ".pem"}' < tls-ca-bundle.pem
openssl rehash $ICAROOT/keystore/cacerts/

The configuration is complete and virtual desktops can now be launched by opening ICA files with Citrix Workspace Engine.

The installation files can be safely deleted at this point:

rm -r ~/Downloads/Citrix

To reinstall or uninstall the application2, run the setup script as follows:



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